Failing Your Way To Success Seminar with Dave Coulier - NO DISCOUNTS/GROUPON (Special Event)

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Failing Your Way To Success Seminar with Dave Coulier - NO DISCOUNTS/GROUPON
Sunday, July 9, 2017 2:00 PM
Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Royal Oak, MI
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  • 17+
  • Special Event
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  • Show Type: Seminar
  • Restrictions: No Groupon
    Special Event
Failing Your Way To Success
(A Lifetime in Show Business with Dave Coulier)
I’ve appeared on some of the most successful shows in TV history – “Full House,” and “The People’s Choice, Kid’s Choice and Teen Choice award-winning, Fuller House,” “America’s Funniest People,” “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (and Johnny Carson),” “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “American Dad,” “The Muppet Babies,” “The Real Ghostbusters,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and many more. And even won a couple Emmy Awards along the way!
But for every success I’ve had in my career there have been at least fifty failures. That’s right…at least fifty! So if you’re failing (a lot), that usually means you’re on your way to a wonderful career.
From my humble beginnings as a standup comedian at the Comedy Castle in Detroit, and being a doorman at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles - to Hollywood stardom, I’ve been lucky enough (and failed enough) to be able to share a journey that has spanned nearly forty years.
The smartest thing anyone ever said to me about showbiz was: “Showbiz. It’s ten percent show and ninety percent business.” And that has turned out to be very true. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to having a successful career; an extremely hard work ethic and persistence are your most valuable tools! The harder you work, the luckier you’ll become. I’ve worked very hard to become successful - and still do today! Because no one cares how talented you are if you’re not making them money. You’ll be considered a genius if your TV show makes millions!
So if you’d like to learn to ‘fail your way to success’ and hear my stories about being a sitcom actor on “Full House” and “Fuller House,” directing TV sitcoms, doing voiceovers for animation, movies and commercials, standup comedy, auditioning and hosting a TV series, then you’ll want to join me July 9th for an open discussion at the place where it all began – Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle.

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