Cover that bald head (or just a bad hair day) with our Comedy Castle hat and you'll LYAO all day long! It's like wrapping your brain in funny. $15 each.
Give the gift of gut-splitting laughter. The perfect
present for someone deserving a night to just sit back and
Need a reminder during your day to LYAO? These handy pins
will keep you smirking behind the boss' back. $2.50 each
What to wear on a night out to LYAO? Our fabulous
T-shirts, of course. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
and Steroid XXL. $18 each.
Dazzle your friends! Impress your boss!
Make 'em wheeze with laughter with Ridley's
House of Novelties Retro Gags.
Whoopee cushion? Check. Trick gum? Check.
Your new destiny as the life of the party?
It's right here in this box. $15 each.
To inquire about purchases please call Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle at 248.542.9900
Comedy Castle
favorite Kathleen
Madigan got her
start in comedy
as a waitress in
a comedy club. Special promotions Coming soon to the Comedy Castle!

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