Comedy Classes

Stand-up 101 with Bill Bushart
The six-week beginners’ class will begin September 28th from 10:30am-12:30pm. The fee is $175 for the series. Classes are fun, motivating and focused on writing and performing stand-up comedy. A graduating class ceremony will also be scheduled.

Stand-Up Strong Advanced Workshop with Kevin Wheeler
The prepaid fee is $150 for the series and is non-refundable. Workshops focus on writing technique, material presentation, stage habits and professionalism. Call for dates! Space is limited!

Improvisational Comedy Class with Karen Bell-Brege

This class will cover simple improv games, stage direction and scene work. It will also focus on trust, living in the moment and taking action, all while joining in the fun and learning the rules of improv. The fee is $150.00. There will be three consecutive sessions (same day, time & cost). At the end of the 3rd segment, there will be a performance. Call for the next available date!

Call for further information, or to reserve your spot! 248.542.9900

You MUST pre-register!

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