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Do you provide anything special for birthdays?
The week of your birthday we’ll give you four free tickets to that Friday’s 7:15pm show. Special events are excluded and reservations are required.

Have you ever asked an audience member to leave? Why?
Unfortunately yes. We ask all members of the audience to turn off their cell phones, be courteous during the show and not talk or be disruptive. If an individual (or a party) are being loud, interrupting the comedian on stage or acting in a disruptive manner then we will politely warn them once. If they do not settle down then they will be promptly escorted from the showroom. There will be no refunds of any kind.

Do you have an emergency number for my babysitter?
Keep your cell phone on vibrate for emergencies.

Do you offer comedy classes?
Yes. We offer different types and levels of classes.  Call the club for more information 248.542.9900

Can I rent the club for a private party?
Yes. Call Mary Coyle at 248.542.9900 or e-mail her for information.

Can you help me book a comedian for my event?
Yes. Call Mark Ridley at 248.542.9900 or e-mail him for information.

Do you offer food?
Yes, we offer a limited sandwich and appetizer menu.

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